Spekboom Trading

Kuzuko Game Reserve has substantial areas of degraded land suitable for restoration using spekboom, an indigenous shrub unique to the Eastern Cape Karoo. The project to restore this land will entail teams of workers from surrounding communities planting spekboom cuttings. The cuttings need no maintenance or watering, and will transform the brown, degraded landscape into a lush, green ‘forest’ within a few years. The project will create both skilled and unskilled employment opportunities and develop new income streams for poverty stricken communities. We anticipate the creation of 150+ direct jobs from the project. Additionally, the project will contribute towards local capacity building, environmental awareness and knowledge transfer on issues such as climate change and the importance of healthy ecosystems.

Spekboom Trading is a joint-venture with Afri-Carbon, the leading expert in spekboom re-forestation in South Africa. Over the past 2 years, carbon sequestration data has been collected from a pilot 100 acre re-forestation. This data has been submitted to various organisations for validation approval. This approval was obtained from the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance as a CCBA Standard Gold Level on 5 Sep 2013. The Voluntary Carbon Scheme (VCS) validation approval was obtained on the 30th of January 2014 from Environmental Services Inc. These approvals will allow the forward selling of carbon credits to fund the reforestation of 14,000 acres of degraded land at Kuzuko Game Reserve.

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