Kuzuko Lodge

Kuzuko Lodge, a five star, luxury resort based in the spectacular Eastern Cape Province which combines job creation, conservation and transformation.

Spekboom Trading

Re-forestation of 14,000 acres with the indigenous spekboom plant in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. This project will restore degraded land, create 150+ jobs and has been approved for carbon trading under a CCB Standard Gold Level as well as a Voluntary Carbon Scheme (VCS).

Bee Sweet Honey Ltd. (Zambia)

Bee Sweet Honey is a commercial producer of organic honey using a large network of small farmers in the Miombo region of Northern Zambia. It produces, supplies and leases flat-packed beehives from its factory to small farmers who hang them on trees on their land or in nearby forests providing them with a secondary source of income. Bee Sweet Honey currently has 60,000 beehives with 12,000 farmers producing 210 metric tons of honey a year. Around 150 new beehives are currently constructed per day and placed with farmers.

Mazima Retirement Plan (Uganda)

The Mazima Retirement Plan is a voluntary retirement savings scheme for low income earners in the informal sector of the economy in Uganda. It is regulated by the Uganda Retirements Benefits Regulatory Authority (URBRA). Under the Mazima scheme, saving is flexible – the minimum is ~US$0.60 with no regular savings required by informal workers. Savers choose when and how much to save. By aggregating the small savings, Mazima will be able to get the higher Fixed Deposit (FD) rates that would not be available to the small savers. Savers register online and pay through mobile banking or e-banking through the bank. No cash is used. Each saver has his/her own account managed by the custodian bank, Housing Finance Bank. The investments are managed by AA Financial, a regulated advisor with Four One Financial Services as the administrator.